Friday, October 31, 2008

Here are a few of the little things I bought at Michaels. Looking at this picture it sure doesn't do it justice. Looks much better in person. I haven't finished my other project yet. I went to lunch with the ladies of my lunch club yesterday. We meet on the last Thursday of each month for lunch. My neighbor has been meeting these ladies for years and when I moved here 6 years ago she invited me to join them. I really enjoy it. We sit there for a couple of hours and just laugh and have the best time. Not much else happened today, other than my workout at the gym. Oh and we met some friends at a bar-be-cue place in town. Boy the meat just melts in your mouth. I had a smoked chicken salad. It was the best! Hope you all have a Happy Halloween. And hopefully I will not be tempted by the "c" word. I didn't buy any since we don't have any trick or treaters at our home.


Jody V said...

Happy Halloween Kathy!

I think everything looks great! I want to start a Ladies type club by me. My next door neighbor has haunted me about it for a couple of years now. Enjoy the weekend!!

PS - the scale moved! and in the right direction too!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your display looks very nice and the colors are beautiful. So warm and welcoming. I love decorating for the seasons. Happy Halloween!
'On Ya'- ma

Gerry said...

I am Judi's friend and co-worker. After I put my new pic on my blog, I realized that you had a pic of you and your dog on too. Isn't having a dog wonderful mentally!


(Cassie) said...

I wish I had a group of friends like that. That is one thing I miss about my old job, going out to dinner with my friends at work.
I love good barbecue, your chicken salad sounds good.
Your home is lovely. I enjoyed the photo.