Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's one of the shots I took the other day at the farm stand near our house. I had to water all my plants today since everything was drying out. Neither one of us thought to water since it is usually raining this time of year. My plants were very happy after their drink. I managed to get my workout in today and also picked up a few items at the store. My neighbor now has my cold. Boo. I feel badly. I am hoping she didn't get it from me. I don't think I was still contageous when I started going to the gym with her. This is a real doozy of a cold. I hope none of you get it. I am still waiting to go to the Haunted House just outside of town with our friends. They asked us to go 2 1/2 weeks ago and I was just getting sick. Fortunately the place will be opened until November 1st. Our friends went without us after about 3 days. She wants to go again. Said it was the scariest thing she'd ever experienced. Also said she almost Pee'd her pants. She would die if she knew I added that. Good thing she doesn't read my blog. Well, I am off to finish dinner. Have a good evening all.


(Cassie) said...

what a pretty place! Hope you feel better..
take care..
xox, Cassie

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

Your pictures are beautiful!! I hope you start to feel better real soon. I hate those nasty colds!! By the way, I think your blog is great. I love your postings!

Jody V