Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today I went to Pier One Imports and found 2 really nice counter stools for the counter in the kitchen. They are wood with a faux suede cover on the seat. They look great and now we can eat closer to the kitchen and not have to eat in the diningroom or on tv trays. I also went to Michael's and they were having a great sale on the fall silk flowers, etc. I got some cute things for around the house to make it more fall like and also for above my kitchen cabinets to accent the items I have up there. I already have some silk flowers and ivy up there but this will add a bit of fall color to it. I haven't put them up yet but will take pictures tomorrow when I do. I also bought some indian corn and gourds. And a scarecrow too. I think I spent a total of $14. I love bargains. That didn't include the counter stools. They were on sale for $99 each. I got 10% off for applying for an application for the store credit card. Didn't make it to the YMCA today cause I had to babysit kids at church but tomorrow I'll be there. Weighed myself yesterday and haven't lost anything more for a couple of weeks. Also, I had a flu shot at the doctors office yesterday and last night I felt like I was getting sick all over again. I thought, Oh no not again. I had sniffles, and body aches and it suddenly went away and all was well. Then I remembered the symptoms that sometimes come with flu shots. Well, hubby is calling. Til next time...


(Cassie) said...

I love Michaels and hope to get some things this weekend.
I saw a house with Christmas lights up already. Can you imagine?
I am looking forward to your pictures,
Have a good night...
xox, Cassie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our Pier 1 closed up and I miss it as there were so many nice things there. We do have a Michaels but haven't been there in a long time. It seems with camping all summer that is about all I did. Now with winter approaching I'll have time for that sort of thing. It sounds like you had a great day. I'll be looking for your picturs. 'On Ya'-ma

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

Can't wait to see the pics!! I will also stop by Michaels for some last minute decor!


smilnsigh said...

Kathy, I just discovered {on the Blogger Followers Thing} that you are Following my 'In The Mind Of A Grandmother' blog! Thank you so much!

I use Google Reader to see when blogs I follow, have new posts. And of course, I put this blog of yours, in my Google Reader site. :-)

I see that this blog, concerns your journey to weight loss. You know, I think _everyone_ is on that Journey, in one way or the other. Certainly, when we get to being "A Woman Of A Certain Age"! :-)))) Oh my yes!!!!! Best of luck to you. Please wish me some luck back. :-)

If you chose to follow "In Mind Of Grandmother," you must be concerned about this Election. Concerned? I am going out of my head, about it. And driving my blood pressure up, too. :-((( I fear that if I don't cut back on being 'The Town Crier,' on the Net... I'll not make it, TO vote for John and Sarah. And I can't let that happen!!!!!

Again, thank you for Following this "In The Mind of..." blog of mine. I hope you'll also come over to my original blog of 'Smilnsigh.' Which used to be devoted to soft, warm, cozy, homey things. For an escape for myself, and for others who want to escape, in 'Pretty Blog Land,' too.

But of late, I've been adding some political things there too. -sigh-

But not much time left now, before Election Day will be here and gone. And I can not do any more, to influence people to look before they vote. And the chips will have fallen. And I hope I can go back to 'ESCAPE,' in 'Pretty Blog Land.' My 'escape' place being 'Smilnsigh.'


Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

Judi said...

Oh Kathy!
You're putting me in the mood to go bargain hunting for Fall decor! But no, I have to sit at my desk and look like I'm working! ;-) Although...that's probably a good thing! As evidenced by my pix, I have more than enough Fall decor! BTW...thank you for the sweet comments! Plus, I really appreciate your help on the fashion/body meltdown I had at 5 am!
Keep the faith when it comes to your Lapband and the weightloss. It's tough when the needle is not moving on the scale. My body is wierd like holds on to weight and one day...poof...I'll be down 3 pounds. It's always a nice surprise! Wait for yours!