Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doctor's Follow-up Visit

Yesterday my DH had his follow-up visit with his doctor. He told him he has diabetes and also he tested him for a reactive protein in his blood. It came back very high, in fact the doc said it's the highest he's ever seen. So now he is prescribing him a drug like Lipitor to lower his cholesterol and fight placque. He said that DH needs to lose weight and start exercising. I was relieved to hear he had diabetes and not something they couldn't diagnose. Not that I wanted it but I kind of knew in my gut that he did. He is tired all the time. In fact he has changed so much over the last few years that I knew it had to be something like diabetes. I don't know that he is taking it seriously. He wanted to tell a friend he talked to that he was borderline diabetic. He isn't. The doctor didn't prescribe him any meds for the diabetes at this time. He wants him to try diet and exercise first. He has to go for another blood test in 2 months. I sure hope he thinks about what is at stake here and makes the effort to lose some weight and get up out of the recliner and start walking or come to the gym with me. Men can be so stubborn! He went ahead a drank a full sugar coke last night. I told the doctor he was drinking them and he said that one soda a day will add a pound a month. He didn't come right out and say no sugar!! I think that may be why DH isn't taking it seriously. My mother died as a result of diabetes and I don't want to lose him too.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope he does take it seriously as taking meds of any kind is not only expensive but a burden too. Diet and exercise seem to be the best medicine for a lot of woes.
'On Ya'-ma Cassie) said...

my grandfather had this type, and he got his down by cutting out most of his sugar and walking everyday. Pull him up and make him walk!
Men are stuborn creatures though..
mine is aweful. His mom is diabetic and she is going downhill fast from not eating like she should. I think they are susposed to eat 5 small meals per day. Sugarfree! Lord help you is all I can see, I know what you are going through. Men do not like any change in the way they eat.

Pam said...

Maybe it would help if he set some limits, like a Coke only on the weekends.

Jody V said...


Many in my family are diabetics. Diet and exercise can keep this at bay for him. If he doesn't listen, you call the Dr and tell him to be more stern with him and lay it on the line. Men think they are immortal you know.

Good luck with him.


Kathy said...

Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate them. You are so caring. I am glad I found you all through blogging.

Gerry said...

Besides the many health problems my brother has he is also a diabetic. I've seen him way off track and back again. All I know is that family and friends have to support these stubborn men subliminally because they are worth it. Hang in there Kathy!

Judi said...


Well...all I can tell you is that I was *this* close to insulin shots before my surgery and after losing only 20 lbs....I was back in normal range! So, it does work for diabetes.
As for the rock in his head....I'm not sure what will help with that!
Good luck!